Getting started


See Install.

Creating a package

To create your first package, run the following command.

pen create foo

Then, you should see a foo directory under the current directory. When you go to the foo directory, you should see a main.pen source file and a pen.json file for package configuration.

Building a package

To build the package, run the following command in the foo directory.

pen build

Then, you will see an executable file named app in the directory. Run it to see your first "Hello, world!"


For more information...

Now, you can start editing *.pen files and build your own application!

  • For more code examples, see Examples.
  • To know more about the language's constructs, see Syntax and Types.
  • To know how to use the standard packages, see Standard packages.
  • To know how to add more modules in your package, see Modules.
  • To know how to import other packages, see Packages.