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Via Homebrew

On Linux, macOS and WSL, you can install Pen through Homebrew.

  1. Install Homebrew.
  2. Run the following command in your terminal.
    brew install pen-lang/pen/pen

Now, you should be able to run a pen command in your shell.

pen --version

Building from source

You can also build Pen from source on your local machine.

  1. Install the following software using a package manager of your choice (e.g. apt for Ubuntu and Homebrew for macOS.)

  2. Install Turtle.

    cargo install turtle-build
    # Or, via Homebrew,
    brew install pen-lang/pen/turtle
  3. Clone the Git repository.

    git clone
  4. Run a cargo command in the repository's directory.

    cargo install --path cmd/pen
  5. Set a PEN_ROOT environment variable to the directory.

    export PEN_ROOT=<directory>

Now, you are ready to use the pen command built manually.